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Now, if you want to know more about me, let me give you some insight about who I am and my background.

I was born in southwestern France and I have an ancestral connection to Italy via my paternal family. This could explain the passion I have for the Western and Mediterranean traditions. Eventually, I furthered my interest in the various philosophic and religious currents which have been passed down to us from antiquity.

I think that this very rich knowledge has been misunderstood and neglected for centuries. Even today the practical applications of these traditions in our daily life often appear to be forgotten. My philosophical training helped me to reconcile the requirements of critical reason with the Humanistic and spiritual understanding of the world. You will find several developments on this website about all these aspects. You will also discover explanations about the work I am doing as Counselor and Coach both in Philosophy and Writing.

Now let me present you in the key aspects of my activities past and present.



I actually attended a technical high school in France before I found my way into philosophy.

I got my Master’s degree in philosophy and taught that subject in France for more than 15 years. My thesis was titled “Morals and Religion in the work of Nietsche.”

I also have a degree in Hebrew. While teaching philosophy I have been trained in Gestalt-therapy and obtained a certification delivered by the “Institut Français de Gestalt-Therapie” (French Institute of Gestalt-therapy). I have also practiced for several years oneirology and hypnotherapy.



I have written more than ten books in French. Most have been published by Grancher Publications (Paris, France), although special editions and short books have also been published by “Theurgia.”

Writing now in English, I am very proud to be published by Llewellyn Publications, the world’s largest publisher of books aiming to expand human potential, spiritual consciousness, and planetary awareness.

Several of my books have already been translated and published in other countries such as Brazil, Portugal, the Netherlands, and others.

Various material related to my books can be found on this website and various items are available on the website of this Online Store.

I am a member of the National Writers Union and of the International Federation of Journalists.



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My philosophical, religious, and spiritual domains of expertise are focused on early Mediterranean philosophy, Neoplatonism, Hermeticism, and Western Religions. This is the focus of several of my books.

However, philosophy has a very long history. Various schools have developed a large variety of teachings that give us wonderful tools to understand the world.

I love to say that my astrological signs are “Plato ascendant Nietzsche.” Finding a good balance between Platonic Idealism and the apparent atheism of Nietzsche is paramount to me!

But for me, Philosophy is not limited to the study of old texts. This is a living heritage which give us real methods of self-development and a way to know ourselves in a non-religious way. As soon as I began to learn philosophy I emphasized the fact that this tradition gives us real tools that can be used in our daily life. Then I learned how to use these tools to help others through counseling and coaching. I have always been amazed by the efficiency of this method compared to the modern psychotherapy or psychoanalysis.

This is why I am continuing this practice of counseling and coaching in English. As my life is very active, I only take few appointments from time to time for online counseling. Don't hesitate to contact me anyway.

I am a member of the National Philosophical Counseling Association and the American Philosophical Association.



I was 18 years old when I received for the first time my passport. From this time, I traveled in various countries in the world and extensively around the Mediterranean Sea.

The 80’s were a time when it was still possible to visit Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, etc. without too much risks. Today in 2017 things are very different. Since this time, I continued to travel and to explore. Discovering new cultures, people, beliefs and traditions, food and wine, etc. Someone said that life is a book and someone who don’t travel read only one page of it. I have been always curious of what we can find behind the horizon!

Then after traveling for so long with my wife Patricia, we realized that it was important to share such experience with others. As some opportunities are only available for small groups, we decided to create a Tour Operator to offer the best of our experience. We created “Philosophy Tours” and I invite you to visit its website.



I was 20 years old when a French radio hired me for a live show of 10 episodes about Ancient Mysteries and Mediterranean traditions. More recently I have been invited on several radio shows in the USA.

Lecturing has always been an important and enjoyable part of my work. I have given lectures and speeches all around the world (Africa, Europe, South and North America).

The subjects may vary according to the audience and purpose of the speech. They are of course related to my expertise and training. As a philosopher, it is important for me to present in a simple way the modernity and diversity of this tradition. These tools can be used to find peace and learn how to enjoy your life in a balanced way. Some may call it motivational speeches or spiritual awakening. I call it philosophical awakening. It is wonderful to discover how your reason and your beliefs can work together for the best of who you are.

As an expert on religious and initiatic rituals, I am also presenting these traditions to specialized audiences such as Freemasons, Churches, etc.

I am fluent in English and French but I am also able to understand Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian.



Initiatic World: Initiations are a very old manifestation of the Western Tradition. I have worked in some of the most respectable of its schools and I am the current head of two of them: The Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross and the Aurum Solis. To know more about the Initiatic World and these traditions, click here...

Freemasonry: Eager to know the Western initiatic Mysteries from the inside, I have been initiated into Freemasonry in 1990. I am a Master Mason (raised in 1992) and a Past Master currently belonging to the Grande Lodge F.A.A.M. of the State of Nevada (USA). While living in France and prior to joining American Freemasonry, I was the Grand Officer of the Grand Orient de France (Largest Masonic Organization in France). I have received all the degrees of the Egyptian Freemasonry (33°-95°) and other allied degrees.

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I also received the 32 degrees of the American Scottish Rite in Washington DC and was initiated in the Royal Arch in Canada. 

In 1997, at a time when French Freemasonry was very reluctant to publish on the Internet, I created the first international online Masonic magazine (restricted to Masons) called: “La Parole Circule” (Spread the word). Until 2008 this magazine was published regularly, sharing the researches done in the Lodges. I was also one of the three masons to found the first French Masonic online community, the “Fraternelle des Internautes Francophones”, (Brotherhood of French WebUsers).

I am always pleased to give lectures and seminars in the Lodges and Valleys of various countries around the world. To know more, you can click here...

Classical philosophy and Religious Rituals: As I mentioned before, my philosophical, religious, and spiritual domains of expertise are early Mediterranean philosophy, Neoplatonism, Hermeticism, and Western Religions.

One of my main focuses and areas of expertise has always been religious rituals all over the world and more precisely in the Western World. Initiatic Orders such as Freemasonry are fully part of my investigations. In my books I explain the history, development, and symbolic meaning of rituals. I have been recognized as a specialist in this field.

Besides philosophy, I have studied early on the main Eastern Religions and various forms of Shamanism.

Philosophical Counseling and Coaching: See the paragraph titled “philosophy” above. You will find more on this website.



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